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Wind/Hail Insurance

Everyone who lives in and around Louisiana knows that storms are frequent and can cause incredible damage to homes and property.

Of course, everyone knows what happened during the Katrina hurricane and how it nearly destroyed parts of Louisiana. Our state also has its share of severe storms that are not hurricanes, but cause severe damage from high winds and large hail. That is why it so important for residents along the Gulf Coast to have windstorm insurance and hail damage insurance for their property.

The reality is, windstorm insurance is possibly the most important insurance policy you purchase in Louisiana. Our policies will protect you against wind, wind gusts, hail, rain, tornadoes, or cyclones. If a tree were to be blown onto your house, or your roof was damaged by hail, our windstorm insurance would cover the damage and allow you to rebuild and repair damage quickly and easily.

Living in Louisiana has many advantages. Our state is a place where people come for fun, relaxation, and great food. Unfortunately, when a storm hits it usually causes damage that can sometimes be catastrophic. Give us a call today, or fill out the form on this page to find out how Carmouche Insurance Inc. can protect your property.

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