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According to recent statistics, two-thirds of the 81 million people who rent their place of residency are uninsured for their contents or for any liability.

Most renters are simply unaware that their landlord’s insurance does not cover their belongings. The fact is, your landlord’s insurance only protects the physical building in which you reside, not your personal property. With renters insurance in Louisiana you are protected against the damage or loss of personal property when you rent an apartment, house, or condo. Our renters insurance can also help protect you in case of a liability lawsuit against you.

At Carmouche Insurance Inc., our renter’s insurance is actually priced much lower than homeowner’s insurance and depending on the coverage you need, you may find the cost incredibly affordable. If you are a renter and don’t have renters insurance in Louisiana, now is the time to take a look at protecting your belongings.

Unless you have enough savings to cover theft costs or liability costs, you need to make sure you are covered with renters insurance. Louisiana renters can choose how much insurance they need to specifically cover the items they own, and just how much liability protection they need. The experts at Carmouche Insurance Inc. can help you sort this out and get you the best deal possible.

There are many options to consider when selecting renters insurance in Baton Rouge or anywhere else in the area. So, contact us today for more information and a free quote!

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