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Carmouche’s Merger Testimonials

Acquisition of Performance Insurance in 2013

“The 2013 sale of our agency to Carmouche was the start of a new career for my employees. Carmouche has upgraded and improved many aspects of our past operation and is doing a better job for our customers by offering more carriers and more advanced technology. By combining my agency with other Carmouche acquisitions, they have created a more vibrant workplace that offers professional challenges to my past employees.”

-Debbie Lala

Acquisition of Fife-Spaht Carmouche Insurance in 2008

“When the time came for me to sell my agency, Carmouche was the right buyer. I still to this day carry my insurance at Carmouche, their reputation was solid, and I felt right at ease from our very first meeting. So, although I did entertain other offers, I knew that Carmouche was my best choice. I am very happy with my decision. Carmouche has lived up to my expectations!”

-Pete Fife

“We negotiated with Carmouche  for over one year in the sale of our agency. It was a big step for my partners and me, and Carmouche’s patience and flexibility gave us the confidence that this was the right decision for us. We are now part of a strong, growing insurance brokerage firm that opened up new opportunities for us and our customers. The sale to Carmouche has added some true excitement and vitality to our business careers.”

-Dale Spaht

If you would like to discuss your strategic options, please contact Charles Carmouche at Charles@Carmoucheinsurance.com

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